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Philadelphia Eagles Football Charcuterie Serving Board with Goal Posts - Maple

Philadelphia Eagles Football Charcuterie Serving Board with Goal Posts - Maple

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This is a Beaut! 


18"x11.5" big this Maple Hardwood board is one of a kind. Hand Made and Laser Engraved. Includes rubber feet for protection. 


We can accommodate most custom name/design engraving. Just ask. 


Added 3D Printed goal posts. Easily removable for storage. 


Finished with food safe BrAvEl Board Butter. (Available in our Etsy store)


Philadelphia Eagles


NFL (National Football League)

Lincoln Financial Field





Super Bowl


NFC (National Football Conference)


Carson Wentz

Nick Foles

Zach Ertz

Doug Pederson (former head coach)

Jalen Hurts



Fly Eagles Fly (team fight song)

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